Mark Tennant
for Ward 2 City Councillor

Countdown to Municipal Election Date 10/22/2018

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Why Mark Tennant is your best vote for Ward 2 Councillor


1-Improving the Socio Economic health of Ward 2.

2-Advocating for healthy land use and mixed-use development.

3-Providing a strong ward 2 voice on local and city wide issues.

4-Working together with residents to help formulate a community consensus.

Lived it! Experienced it! Gets it!

Born and raised in Hamilton. Empathizes with the residents of Ward 2 from a lived experience. Has worked in the downtown Ward since 1986 in many managerial capacities. Hard worker and always dedicated to a cause or ideal of bettering the lives of others.

“Working in Ward 2 for 32 years has imbedded in me a deeply felt passion for improving the lives of people in the Downtown community. I’ve lived it. I feel it. It’s what I do.”

When I was 4 years old, my Dad came home from working at Stelco and told my Mom, sister, and I that we are getting a pool. I asked; "what about the tree?" My Dad replied; "it will be cut down.". I said; "I want the tree to stay and the pool to go." This is who I am!


Advocacy in Action!

Empathy at Work!

Leadership Tested!

Proven Private Sector business management acumen...

32 years of successful private business management experience with; Brinks Canada, National Post, Financial Post, Hamilton Spectator, and the Toronto Sun.

*Responsible for many restructuring projects.

*Improved operations and service. 

Proven invaluable in the Social Sector...

26 years of grass roots local front line social service leadership experience.

*Successful supervisory social service management experience with my current employer; The Good Shepherd Venture Centre. 

*Successfully improved the quality of service to meet a 29% increase of households in poverty and facing food insecurity

*In partnership with The Ontario Works Hire program, training and mentorship is provided for the purpose of finding employment.

*Winner of the 2018 Angela Longo Award for the mentorship of an Ontario Public School (OPS), Learn and Work student. All OPS students the past 3 years graduating from High School.

Chair of the Board of Directors of Hamilton Sustainable Victory Gardens. 

*Successfully made substantial improvements in the restructuring the organization while overseeing one of the most successful productive seasons to date. 

Committed to addressing the following ...

1-Healthy Land use. Mixed-Use development.

*Healthy blend of residential and commercial property.

*Advocate for open green space, active play areas for pedestrians and vehicle free.

*Public land ownership

*Promote a cyclist safe city 

*Supportive of Vision Zero

2-Poverty/Food Insecurity

*Community gardens

*Revisit Public Health's food insecurity initiative to include the importance and impact of local food banks    

*Employment training incentives for businesses.

*All sectors work together for the common purpose.

About 34 per cent of all children in the five lower city wards lived in poverty, according to a new study by the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton. - John Rennison,The Hamilton Spectator 


*A front line empathetic approach.

*Address substandard licenced Lodging and rooming houses.

*Working with community partners to provide resources for income support and housing.

4-Crime/Safe Communities

Hamilton has the 3rd highest increase of violent crime. 

*Adopt a park or street program

*Community watch programs

*Address the social stratification problem. Income inequality. 

*Working collaboratively with the HPS.


5-Safe and Affordable Housing

*More affordable housing for RGI (rent geared to income) applicants.

*Advocate for Improvements to the Portable Housing Benefit. 

*Holding Landlords more accountable to the Landlord Tenant Board policies.

*Rent Safe Certifications for Landlords

*Inspections and efforts to reduce substandard social and market rent housing.

*Advocate to reduce gentrification that causes displacement.

*Secondary plan to provide 20% RGI housing of all new development is upheld.

*Middle income housing development.


6-Infrastructure Improvements

*Repairs to long overdue streets and roads.

*Accessibility improvements on curbs and sidewalks.

*Advocate for engineered road safety.

7-Full Employment

*Advocate for a living wage for hard working Hamiltonians.

*Advocate for basic income (BI) for fixed income Hamiltonians


*Work collaboratively with city council, Metrolinx, and the HSR to develop a new transit plan that meets the growing need of the city while protecting jobs. 

9-Opioid Crisis. 

A safer community for you.

*Advocating a recovery model in addition to harm reduction.

*Restraints on prescription, dose, duration and high risk formulations.

*Advocate for effective clinical engagements.

*Engagement with The HPS, Public Health, Pharmaceutical companies and Pharmacies.

The Result...

"A healthy community = a strong local economy."

"Economic activity is shaped by social progresses."

"The healthy communities approach calls for collective action, in which all the sectors— local government as well as health, community, non-profits and other groups as well as individual citizens— work together for a common purpose".
Duhl & Hanock, 1997 


Key Quotes of reflection.....

 "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." Martin Luther King

"Bert Lance believes he can save Uncle Sam billions if he can get the government to adopt the simple motto: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." He explains: "That's the trouble with government. Fixing things that aren't broken and not fixing things that are broken."

Mark Watney: At some point, everything's gonna go south on you... everything's going to go south and you're going to say, this is it. This is how I end. Now you can either accept that, or you can get to work. That's all it is. You just begin. You do the math. You solve one problem... and you solve the next one... and then the next. And If you solve enough problems, you get to come home. All right, questions? 

"Great moments are born from great opportunities."

Herb Brooks

"The residents of ward 2 are provided the tools through representation to be the heroes in their own community in this new narrative." 

A voter's experience

To see Mark in action is to see his abilities and the result of them.

His knowledge is vast and proven. His sense of fairness is genuine. His service is valuable.

Mark has a great understanding of how successful communities work. He's been a builder in Ward 2 for over 25 years. Building Communities that have the sense of Community.

People do well when they're around Mark. They prosper in many ways. They're treated kindly, respectfully and honestly.

He brings that as an Administrator and a Manager. His record speaks for itself.

Deciding where my vote goes is no easy task. I do a lot of research to make that decision.
Mark not only gets my vote but I've watched him earn the vote through all he's done for so many.

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Durand Neighbourhood Association Debate

A Ward 2 public debate will be held on October 2nd at the Central Presbyterian Church, located at 165 Charlton Ave W.   

Central Neighbourhood Association debate

Wednesday September 19th, 7pm @ The Church of the Ascension, 64 Forest Ave, Hamilton


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